Prof. Dr. med. Martin Walter

Martin Walter, Coordinator of C-I-R-C, is the Director and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry in Jena, Head of the Psychiatric Imaging Group at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Magdeburg, Head of the Translational Psychiatry Division, University Tübingen, and Director of the Clinical Affective Neuroimaging Laboratory (CANLAB).

Previous positions include a research group leadership at the Max Planck Institute for biological cybernetics in Tubingen and international research fellowships and visiting professorships at the Institute for Automation, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, UMDNJ, Neward, Standford, Queensland Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. His clinical focus is on complex depressions, their underlying neurobiology and novel AD treatments. For this research his team develops multimodal medical imaging approaches towards diagnostics and intervention. Current projects include pharmacological augmentation of psychotherapy (CBASP) and neurofeedback as well as imaging based response prediction to ketamine treatment.

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