Prof. Dr. med. Stefanie Schreiber

Stefanie Schreiber is a senior neurologist at the department of neurology at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg and leader of the research group on small vessel disease (CSVD) and vascular aging. Her group studies the pathological cascade of CSVD in an animal model, using immunohistochemistry, 2-photon-microscopy and behavioral testing, as well as in large multimodal human cohort-studies applying ultra-high resolution 7T MRI, PET, lifestyle, cognitive testing and advanced biomarker research. The work is focused on the interplay and the possible relationship between small vessel wall damage, i.e. blood-brain barrier breakdown, and the accumulation of pathological proteins and the consequent increase in the risk for intracerebral hemorrhages, ischemic stroke and (vascular) dementia as well as for more subtle impairments like personality alterations, depression and avolition. Within the scope of her contribution to CRC 1436 the effects of training on the aged vasculature will be investigated to illuminate potential avenues for therapy and prevention.

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