Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Remy

Stefan Remy is the scientific director of the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg. His research expertise is in the functional interrogation of neural circuits during behavior, with a focus on the role of intrinsic and synaptic plasticity. He runs a European Research Council (ERC) funded research program within the LIN department “Cellular Neuroscience” that combines two-photon imaging and cellular electrophysiology during learning and memory processes as well as innate behaviors. For this research line the LIN has established a new “Behavioral Imaging Core unit” as part of the Combinatorial Imaging Facility, which will be a cornerstone of the future Magdeburg neural circuit research program. The mechanistic understanding and interventional manipulation of neural circuits underlying emotional processing and neuropsychiatric conditions is a key focus and defined area of expansion of LIN research (LIN junior research groups: S. Mikulovic, M. Stenner, E. Azanon, N. Wetzel). Stefan Remy is a director of the Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences (CBBS) Magdeburg.

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