PD Dr. Catherine M. Sweeney-Reed

Catherine Sweeney-Reed heads the Neurocybernetics and Rehabilitation Research Group, working at the interface between basic neuroscience, medicine, engineering, and psychology. The focus of the group is the deepening of our understanding of cognitive processes to enable development of neuromodulatory approaches to facilitate functional recovery from neurological disease. Current projects include investigation of the impact of deep brain stimulation of the ventrointermediate nucleus of the thalamus on the motor learning network and the implications for deep brain electrode location in essential tremor, which is funded by a Research Grant from the DFG. Other studies include modulation of memory processing through deep and transcranial electrical brain stimulation, as well as the application of brain–computer interfaces in rehabilitation following acute stroke. Investigation techniques include high-density electro- and magnetoencephalography, deep brain electrophysiological recordings, and high-field magnetic resonance imaging, with studies including both healthy participants and patients with a range of neurological disorders.

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