Dr. Dr. med. Zümrüt Duygu Sen

Zümrüt Duygu Sen is a psychiatrist and a junior group leader in the Dept. Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Jena University Hospital. Her research is mainly focused on the common inflammatory and bioenergetic dysfunctions underlying major depression disorder and metabolic disorders. She achieved her Ph.D. in Neuroscience with her work on the mediatory role of neuroinflammatory response on the antidepressant effect of electroconvulsive seizures in rodents. She currently collaborates with Prof. Yasemin Ozdemir (Koc University) to examine bioenergetic and inflammatory pathways that take a role in ketamine response in rats. In parallel, she has been working on alteration in emotional processing and stress response after antidepressant treatments in major depressive disorder patients as well as in healthy participants by combining functional and metabolic imaging with behavioral tasks. Immunometabolic and bioenergetic states of the participants will be estimated in the frame of the Fat4Brain Project.

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