Dr. Heike Stecklum

Heike Stecklum participates in C-I-R-C as a member of the Trialological Advisory Board of the German Center for Mental Health. At the research location, she represents the interests of the regional advisory board, which includes representatives of mentally ill people and relatives of mentally ill people. Heike Stecklum has professional experience as a social worker and as a lecturer at Universities of Applied Sciences, the University and at a vocational school.

Her research interest focuses on qualitative research methods. She is particularly specialized in biographical research. For her doctoral thesis, she researched the biographies of mentally ill people who are involved in civic activities. As a sociologist, her attention is focused on the interactions between individuals, families and social conditions, especially in East Germany. Ms. Stecklum brings her interest in opportunities for participation and social commitment to the CIRC research network.

She has further experience and skills from her commitment as chairwoman of the Association of relatives of mentally ill people in Thuringia.

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