Dr. Gabriel Ziegler

Gabriel Ziegler is a principal investigator of the group of modelling and neuroprognosis at the Institute of Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Research (IKND, OvGU, Magdeburg). His work focusses on state-of-the art statistical (AI) approaches to latent variable modelling of brain-behavioral relationships, individual differences, and disease progression in psychiatric development, ageing and dementia research using large-scale longitudinal MRI data. He has made several innovative contributions in developmental cognitive neuroscience using multivariate and kernel methods, Gaussian Processes, dynamical systems and Bayesian inference. His recent working group on neuroprognosis implements MR-based predictive models for memory performance and develops multivariate functional and structural indices of brain maintenance in collaboration with Christian Gaser on BrainAge (UKJ, Jena). He was recently awarded with an NIH pilot grant for multivariate modelling of cognitive reserve in ageing and dementia and is part of the in-vivo histology MRI working group that establishes new analysis techniques for quantitative multi-modal MRI.

Gabriel also contributes as PI to the newly established  SFB 1436 with a project on dynamic modelling of training-induced plasticity using multi-parametric MRI and response optimization under adaptive training & testing (in collaboration with Marco Taubert, OvGU, Magdeburg).

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