Prof. Dr.
Martin Walter

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Current Position

Director Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Dept. of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, Centre of Integrative Psychiatry, Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital, Campus Lübeck (D); Chair of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Lübeck (D); Visiting Professor, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London (UK); Professor of Neuropsychiatry, University of Basel (CH).

Work Experience

01/2011 – 09/2019 Chief Physician, Deputy Clinical Director Adult Psychiatry, Dept. of Psychiatry (UPK) University of Basel
01/2008 – 12/2010 Senior Physician, Psychiatric Outpatient Dept. and Neuroradiological Dept. MIAC, University Hospital Basel (CH)
01/2007 – 12/2007 Senior House Officer, REHAB Basel (CH)
10/2006 – 12/2006 and 05/2002 – 10/2004 Senior House Officer, Psychiatric Outpatient Dept. University Hospital Basel (CH)
10/2004 – 09/2006 Senior House Officer and Research Fellow, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London (UK)

Proffesional Background

2002 Approbation
2004 Dissertation
2009 Habilitation
2010 Venia legendi in Neuropsychiatry
2008 Qualifications in University Didactics 2008 Full qualification as Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 2009 Qualification as Psychotherapist of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 2013 Specialisation in Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry 2018 Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Academic Management

Research Focus

Structural and functional neuroimaging, pharmacology neuroimaging methods, the prodromal and early phase of psychosis, neurocognitive and genetic mechanisms in schizophrenia, and neurofunctional mechanisms of cannabinoids and heroin. Clinical interests include prodromal and early psychosis and neuropsychiatry.


Andreou C, Borgwardt S. Structural and functional imaging markers for susceptibility to psychosis. Mol Psychiatry. 2020 Nov;25(11):2773-2785. IF 12.4

Fusar-Poli P, […], Borgwardt S, Lawrie S, Parnas J, McGuire P.Transdiagnostic Psychiatry: A systematic review. World Psychiatry 2019, 18:192-207. IF 30

Diaconescu AO, Hauke DJ, Borgwardt S. Models of persecutory delusions: A mechanistic insight into the early stages of psychosis. Molecular Psychiatry 2019;24(9):1258-1267. IF 11.6

Koutsouleris N, […] Borgwardt S, and the PRONIA Consortium. Prediction Models of Functional Outcomes for Individuals With Recent-Onset Depression or in the Clinical High-Risk State for Psychosis: A Multimodal, Multisite Machine Learning Analysis. JAMA Psychiatry, 2018;75(11):1156-1172. IF 16.6

Schmidt A, Walter M, Gerber H, Seifritz E, Brenneisen R, Wiesbeck GA, Riecher-Rössler A, Lang UE, Borgwardt S (2015) Normalizing effect of heroin maintenance treatment on stress-induced brain connectivity. Brain, 138(Pt 1):217-28. IF 10.2

Additional Information

Research Awards (selection):
Inclusion in Clarivate Analytics’s list of Highly Cited Researchers 2018/2019/2020
Lundbeck Institute Psychiatrie Preis (2 CHF 10’000)
Biogen-Dompe Research Prize (2011: CHF 40.000)
Gerd-Hu Preis for psychosis prevention (2010: EUR 10.000)
SSBP Young Investigat Award (2007: CHF 5000)

Grants and Fellowships as PI (selection):
Swiss National Science Foundatio (SNF) Grant “Sinergia”, (2019-2022: CHF 2.602.315 total
CHF 549.800 own sum) Gertrud Thalmann-Fonds “LAD” study (2019-2023 CHF 669.700)
ERANET Grant SYNSCHIZ (2017-2020; CHF 279.447 )
EU FP7 Grant – PRONIA (2013 -2019; 6.000.000€ total; 893.000€ own sum)

Editorial Boards:
Frontiers in Psychiatry (Chief Editor)
Translational Psychia Schizophrenia Bulletin
Journal of Affective Disorders
Journal of Psychiatry Neuroscience (JPN)
Swiss Medical Weekly

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